Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Basement Beach Bash

The Basement team set out this weekend to extend what God is doing in Birmingham, Alabama into Destin, Florida! We had a leadership conference at the Beach which united three different moves of God! Unashamed college ministry at The University of Alabama, The Generation at First Baptist Gardendale and The Basement joined together to worship and to spread the fire of God all over the beach during spring break weekend!

We saw hundreds of lives challenged to go to the next level in their walk with Christ! The intensity in that room from all the leaders from these three ministries joining together was unbelieveable! Just being around those people made you want to be a better person!

I woke up one morning and a guy named Tyler that I have never met sat down at the breakfast table with me and just started opening up his heart! He said that he saw everyone going down to the altar the previous night to make a decision to go to the next level with God but that he did not feel God drawing him down there! He said that he hoped God would draw him to the altar that night and hold him because he wanted to be close to God! I told him that our relationship with God can be like any other relationship and sometimes we needed to be the ones to make the first step! I shared with him how the Bible says that when we draw close to God that He will draw close to us! He made the first step that night to go to the altar and God met him there so quickly that he could not believe it! Tyler is now fired up to be a leader wherever God wants him to be! There were many lives changed at the beach and this is just one of the many testimonies!

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woo!! Come on! God is so great! Good post, fired me UP!! keep em' coming
God Bless~!