Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

Each Friday you will read a story that occured during the journey of The Basement Team! Today's story comes from the early days of the original Basement!

I can remember like it was yesterday sitting around Matt's dinning room table with about ten guys eating some Taco Bell after we had just got through worshiping God for hours! We would sit there and talk about how we had just experienced God in a way that burned a passion deep inside of us! We would sit around that table and talk about how we wanted to changed the world for God! We would dream about reaching as many lost people for Jesus as we possibly could! We would sit around that table every Tuesday night and share stories that would spark the call inside of each one of us to be answered!

The passion that was created around that table is the very passion that is still contagious today when you are walking around people of The Basement Team! I have never been around people with so much passion to fullfill The Great Commision of their King!

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Stephanie Holland said...

Hi Brad....Love the blog! Have you thought about getting on Twitter? I have been on Twitter for my blog (for work) since last fall. I think it would be great for The Basement.

Stephanie Holland

Michael Cushman said...

Did you guys record that meeting with youth pastors?

Anonymous said...

That is a great story and I look forward to many more!!