Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Light of The World

The buzz around the office here at The Basement is all about integrity, character and purity! We believe that we need to walk in a manner that is above reproach! So here a devotion that was shared by one of our team members this week!

I met a guy who moved here from Chicago who had a very nice truck and he kept it very clean by washing it everyday so that his truck would shine on a daily basis! When he got here he asked me what is this yellow stuff falling all over my truck! I explained to him that it was what we call pollen here in the south! He decided that he would park his truck in the garage so that the pollen would not get on it but he still was not satisfied with the look of his truck! He then decided to put a tarp on his truck while it was in the garage and then he would wash it down in the garage before he pulled out! Since he took special precautions to keep his truck clean when he pulled out of his garage his truck was shining brighter than anybody elses vehicle!

We are called to be the light of the world and if we will take special precautions to protect our selves from the devil's pollen (temptation), then when we step out of the doors of our houses, workplaces and schools we will shine brighter than anyone else around! So ask God to give you a desire to shine brighter and to get rid of whatever those little things are that are keeping you from shining as bright as you could!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Matt was given the opportunity to speak for a ministry last night called Outcry! Outcry is a ministry that was formed in a similar way as The Basement! Matt shared with them what God can do through a few people who are fully surrendered to Jesus!

Outcry started as a Bible studywith just 6 people in a house in Cullman, Alabama! Four weeks ago they had 80 people come and worship God together in the basement of a local muesem! God is moving so fast in Cullman that they recently had to move to Cullman Middle School where there were 450 in attendence last night!

God is popping up movements like this all over the place where churches are uniting together to do something bigger than themselves! Hundreds of lives were changed last night in Cullman and it is soon to be thousands! I am fired up because God is sending revival to our land and preparing the world for His return!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Uniting Together

In John chapter 17, Jesus prayed one of His final prayers! His main concern in this prayer was that the body of Christ, the church, would come into perfect unity! One of the goals of The Basement is to be a vessel that God uses to answer that prayer! When you attend The Basement one thing that you will see is all the different denominations gathered together under one roof to lift the name of Jesus high!

Last night Matt got the opportunity to talk to hundreds of youth pastors about what God is doing in Birmingham! He shared with them the importance of all of us joinging together to do something this summer that this city has never seen! He told them that if join forces now we can leave a leagacy in this city as we watch God change lives for all of eternity!

We are excited about all the different leaders that are joining together to build the Kingdom of God here in these last days! At The Basement we have a ministry called "Unite"! This ministry exists to help all leaders come together and become perfectly one as Jesus so earnestly prayed in last week of His earthly life! The mission statement for Unite is: "Uniting together to prepare the world for the return of Jesus"!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

Each Friday you will read a story that occured during the journey of The Basement Team! Today's story comes from the early days of the original Basement!

I can remember like it was yesterday sitting around Matt's dinning room table with about ten guys eating some Taco Bell after we had just got through worshiping God for hours! We would sit there and talk about how we had just experienced God in a way that burned a passion deep inside of us! We would sit around that table and talk about how we wanted to changed the world for God! We would dream about reaching as many lost people for Jesus as we possibly could! We would sit around that table every Tuesday night and share stories that would spark the call inside of each one of us to be answered!

The passion that was created around that table is the very passion that is still contagious today when you are walking around people of The Basement Team! I have never been around people with so much passion to fullfill The Great Commision of their King!

Meet Me @ The Basement,


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Bash

Last night was the end of our Spring Break Bash series at The Basement! We saw thousands of lives saved and changed these last two weeks! We did one service to prepare people for spring break and to help them not to make bad decisions during spring break! Last nights service was more about what goes on at spring break and how God loves evevryone even when they make mistakes during spring break!

Seeing lives touched by God keeps me going! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the details of the service and forget to sit back and watch the lives that are being changed! This is why we are all serving God and it is good to remind your self why you are working so hard!

Last night as I was leaving the service I saw a young girl crying while she had her hands lifted up to God in worship. I dont know why tears were rolling down her cheeks but I had such confidence that God was taking care of her every need at that very moment! That reminded me of how important it is to just get people to The Basement and let the presence of God take control of their life! Here at The Basement we want to be a hospital for the hurting people of this world and we believe that if we can just get them into the presence of God they will have a life changing experience! That was just one of the many lives that were changed these last two weeks during the spring break bash!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Basement Beach Bash

The Basement team set out this weekend to extend what God is doing in Birmingham, Alabama into Destin, Florida! We had a leadership conference at the Beach which united three different moves of God! Unashamed college ministry at The University of Alabama, The Generation at First Baptist Gardendale and The Basement joined together to worship and to spread the fire of God all over the beach during spring break weekend!

We saw hundreds of lives challenged to go to the next level in their walk with Christ! The intensity in that room from all the leaders from these three ministries joining together was unbelieveable! Just being around those people made you want to be a better person!

I woke up one morning and a guy named Tyler that I have never met sat down at the breakfast table with me and just started opening up his heart! He said that he saw everyone going down to the altar the previous night to make a decision to go to the next level with God but that he did not feel God drawing him down there! He said that he hoped God would draw him to the altar that night and hold him because he wanted to be close to God! I told him that our relationship with God can be like any other relationship and sometimes we needed to be the ones to make the first step! I shared with him how the Bible says that when we draw close to God that He will draw close to us! He made the first step that night to go to the altar and God met him there so quickly that he could not believe it! Tyler is now fired up to be a leader wherever God wants him to be! There were many lives changed at the beach and this is just one of the many testimonies!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Great Idea!

Yesterday I was laying in bed enjoying that great feeling of the covers wrapped all around me. You know that point where you can literally feel yourself sleeping, gah that is a great moment in the day. My text message tone went off and I opened the text from my brother Michael to see an elf mooning me to the sound track off of Mission Impossible. It was not the first thing that I wanted to see but it was how God wanted to get my attention! That Guy gets my attention in crazy ways sometimes.

As I am laying there looking at a cartoon elf shaking his stuff God showed me a way to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community in a real affective way. When I opened my text message I immediately heard the song and saw the picture. God then showed me that we can communicate our Basement services through text message in a whole new way! We can send a picture of a flyer to our Basement Family with all the details on it and at the same time have Matt record his voice saying come out to The Basement this Tuesday. 

Imagine getting a text and as soon as you opened it you heard "Hey this is your boi Matt Pitt, come see me at The Basement this Tuesday night for our Thanksgiving Throwdown". Man that is going to be awesome. We will be able to communicate with this next generation in a whole new way now! I am fired up because if we can get these announcements on the phones of all the people in the Birmingham area we will be reaching more people for Jesus on Tuesday nights.

Meet Me @ The Basement,