Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Great Idea!

Yesterday I was laying in bed enjoying that great feeling of the covers wrapped all around me. You know that point where you can literally feel yourself sleeping, gah that is a great moment in the day. My text message tone went off and I opened the text from my brother Michael to see an elf mooning me to the sound track off of Mission Impossible. It was not the first thing that I wanted to see but it was how God wanted to get my attention! That Guy gets my attention in crazy ways sometimes.

As I am laying there looking at a cartoon elf shaking his stuff God showed me a way to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community in a real affective way. When I opened my text message I immediately heard the song and saw the picture. God then showed me that we can communicate our Basement services through text message in a whole new way! We can send a picture of a flyer to our Basement Family with all the details on it and at the same time have Matt record his voice saying come out to The Basement this Tuesday. 

Imagine getting a text and as soon as you opened it you heard "Hey this is your boi Matt Pitt, come see me at The Basement this Tuesday night for our Thanksgiving Throwdown". Man that is going to be awesome. We will be able to communicate with this next generation in a whole new way now! I am fired up because if we can get these announcements on the phones of all the people in the Birmingham area we will be reaching more people for Jesus on Tuesday nights.

Meet Me @ The Basement,



Trina said...

That, my friend, will be AWESOME! Can't wait!

Trina said...

B.rad, yo, ya gotta log in and publish the comments buddy lol :)

Love ya!


Well, just wanted to say that that post is very interesting and i look forward to more posts from The Basement blog! God Bless!
p.s. check out my blog! :P