Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Great Idea!

Yesterday I was laying in bed enjoying that great feeling of the covers wrapped all around me. You know that point where you can literally feel yourself sleeping, gah that is a great moment in the day. My text message tone went off and I opened the text from my brother Michael to see an elf mooning me to the sound track off of Mission Impossible. It was not the first thing that I wanted to see but it was how God wanted to get my attention! That Guy gets my attention in crazy ways sometimes.

As I am laying there looking at a cartoon elf shaking his stuff God showed me a way to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community in a real affective way. When I opened my text message I immediately heard the song and saw the picture. God then showed me that we can communicate our Basement services through text message in a whole new way! We can send a picture of a flyer to our Basement Family with all the details on it and at the same time have Matt record his voice saying come out to The Basement this Tuesday. 

Imagine getting a text and as soon as you opened it you heard "Hey this is your boi Matt Pitt, come see me at The Basement this Tuesday night for our Thanksgiving Throwdown". Man that is going to be awesome. We will be able to communicate with this next generation in a whole new way now! I am fired up because if we can get these announcements on the phones of all the people in the Birmingham area we will be reaching more people for Jesus on Tuesday nights.

Meet Me @ The Basement,


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Day It All Began

I feel like that God wanted me to start this blog to show the world what He is doing in Birmingham, Alabama. My prayer is that everyone that visits this blog will be drawn closer to God is some way. So as I start this journey through the lives of mighty men and women of God you must first understand that none of us are perfect, we are just forgiven.

Today me and my friend T-rina sat down and created this blog that we believe is going to be a tool that God uses to change lives. We had lots of fun listening to her stomach growl the whole time we were working on the blog. Thanks T-rina for all your help. I have to give credit to were credit is due and if it was not for T-rina creating this blog and my boi Tj spittin out some fire graphics I would not have been able to start this story to share with the world. Much love to yall for your help.

Tonight we had a Basement Fraternity meeting with a bunch of guys who are on fire for God. We all walked into the bowling alley with the presence of God on us. People were watching us have more fun than they were and wondering how because we were not drinking like they were. When our guys walk in some where on fire for God people will literally walk up and say to us I don't know what it is that you guys got but I want it! We have quickly seen here in Birmingham that you don't need a microphone to make a difference for God, you only need to be the light that God called you to be every where you go!

After we bowled some of us went back to Joel's house to watch the rest of the big football game! While we were sitting around we started talking about how much God has changed our lives in the last few years! We started getting fired up and started sharing stories with each other. One story in particular stuck out to me. Jose was talking about how God had changed David Pritchett's life so much in the last two months. David had tried to commit suicide a few months ago and God spared his life! After David woke up out of his coma God started to speak to him and after the many times of Jose inviting him to The Basement, he decided to come. David gave his life to Jesus that night at The Basement and now is serving on our leadership team.

This is one of the many lives that God has changed through a ministry called The Basement. I cant wait to see what God will do tomorrow!

Meet Me @ The Basement,