Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Light of The World

The buzz around the office here at The Basement is all about integrity, character and purity! We believe that we need to walk in a manner that is above reproach! So here a devotion that was shared by one of our team members this week!

I met a guy who moved here from Chicago who had a very nice truck and he kept it very clean by washing it everyday so that his truck would shine on a daily basis! When he got here he asked me what is this yellow stuff falling all over my truck! I explained to him that it was what we call pollen here in the south! He decided that he would park his truck in the garage so that the pollen would not get on it but he still was not satisfied with the look of his truck! He then decided to put a tarp on his truck while it was in the garage and then he would wash it down in the garage before he pulled out! Since he took special precautions to keep his truck clean when he pulled out of his garage his truck was shining brighter than anybody elses vehicle!

We are called to be the light of the world and if we will take special precautions to protect our selves from the devil's pollen (temptation), then when we step out of the doors of our houses, workplaces and schools we will shine brighter than anyone else around! So ask God to give you a desire to shine brighter and to get rid of whatever those little things are that are keeping you from shining as bright as you could!

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