Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Bash

Last night was the end of our Spring Break Bash series at The Basement! We saw thousands of lives saved and changed these last two weeks! We did one service to prepare people for spring break and to help them not to make bad decisions during spring break! Last nights service was more about what goes on at spring break and how God loves evevryone even when they make mistakes during spring break!

Seeing lives touched by God keeps me going! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the details of the service and forget to sit back and watch the lives that are being changed! This is why we are all serving God and it is good to remind your self why you are working so hard!

Last night as I was leaving the service I saw a young girl crying while she had her hands lifted up to God in worship. I dont know why tears were rolling down her cheeks but I had such confidence that God was taking care of her every need at that very moment! That reminded me of how important it is to just get people to The Basement and let the presence of God take control of their life! Here at The Basement we want to be a hospital for the hurting people of this world and we believe that if we can just get them into the presence of God they will have a life changing experience! That was just one of the many lives that were changed these last two weeks during the spring break bash!

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