Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Matt was given the opportunity to speak for a ministry last night called Outcry! Outcry is a ministry that was formed in a similar way as The Basement! Matt shared with them what God can do through a few people who are fully surrendered to Jesus!

Outcry started as a Bible studywith just 6 people in a house in Cullman, Alabama! Four weeks ago they had 80 people come and worship God together in the basement of a local muesem! God is moving so fast in Cullman that they recently had to move to Cullman Middle School where there were 450 in attendence last night!

God is popping up movements like this all over the place where churches are uniting together to do something bigger than themselves! Hundreds of lives were changed last night in Cullman and it is soon to be thousands! I am fired up because God is sending revival to our land and preparing the world for His return!

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Stephanie said...

Amen!!!! I was there and you are right - there are movements coming up everywhere!!! God is moving on a generation that is searching for something real... this is gonna be huge!!! This is gonna be AMAZING!!! Praise GOD!!!